Website Designing

We pride ourselves to develop and design websites that works. If you are looking for a successful website, you came to the right place.
For a website to be successful in today’s environment,

* it must be regularly updated. This is what bring visitors back and, together with keywords, keep your website high on search engines.
* it must be search engine optimized. SEO is important for ranking on search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). If not, it is basically invisible.
* it must be mobile friendly. To satisfy the growing mobile market, you need to make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices.
* it must have easy navigation. Nothing is as frustrated as not being able to navigate through a website. Bad navigation chase visitors away.
* it must have a clean and simple layout. Gone are the days of web pages overwhelmed with info and filled with distractive flash and scrolling text everywhere.

The recipe for a successful website is not the design only, but the ongoing updates, maintenance and support. That is why we not only design your website and charge you a once off fee. No, we design it, we host it, we regularly update it, and we maintain it and we offer you ongoing support to keep it alive and visible.
For us, there is only one thing that we take into account – what is a successful website? That is all that is on our mind when we develop and design your website.


Website Redesign

The appearances of your website is very important. It’s proven that most visitors only spend 15 seconds before making a decision to stay or search for something else. If your website does not look appealing to the user, chances are they will leave you site and look for a new one.

If your website does not look appealing to you any longer, is not search engine friendly or no longer bring you valuable customers, it is time to redesign.

If we redesign your website, we include 1 x FREE update per month and CMS that allow you to keep your website up to date.

Contact us for a quote.