Below is a list of software and admin downloads and technical information. Click on the sub-header to view available links.

Below is a list of useful software download links. We regularly get requests from our clients in need of software to do certain tasks. Because of the growing open source market, we can direct our clients to “FREE” software alternatives.

Below is a list of useful & supportive links. It includes step-by-step email setup guides, network notices (in the event that a server is down) to software that will help you to identify your computer or laptop specifications – needed for upgrades & troubleshooting.

Below is admin documents that you can download. The documents are in PDF format, so you can right click and “Save As”. After you have download the document, please complete and email it to or fax to 086 607 2726.

If you have any difficulty login to your account, please contact support on or 021 930 0975.